Advanced Refrigerant Leak Detector with Aluminum Carry Case with 2 spare probes (includes batteries)

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Advanced Technology Digital Leak Detector

Complete with aluminum carry case this advanced leak detector features a microprocessor control circuit that monitors the sensing tip 8000 times per second. 
This translates into a stable and dependable tool in almost any environment. 
The unique Tri-Colour LED readout shows a progressive and wide ranging indication of a leak. 
This leak detector is complete with two (2) replacement tips and batteries. 
The extra long 14 “ probe  reaches into hard to access air-conditioning components. 
Maximum sensitivity - certifified for R-12, R-22 & R-134a @ 0.5 oz./year (14/grams/year) 
Ultimate sensitivity is rated at less than 0.1 oz./year ( 3 grams/year ) for all halogen based refrigerants. 
Microprocessor control circuit auto adjusts to compensate for the level of refrigerant present at start up to avoid false leak detection.

Part Number FC0745